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The workshop

Passionate about innovation, seeking uniqueness and sustainability.

Our clients

Our high quality standards, multi-sector expertise and passion have allowed us to develop a trusted relationship with numerous clients and partners

We are crazy about design, architecture, engraving and printing techniques. But what drives us the most is materializing each of your ideas into unique projects.
Completed projects
Years of experience.
m³ recycled materials

Our mission

Our high quality standards, multi-sector expertise, and passion have enabled us to develop a relationship of trust with numerous clients and partners

Ferdinand Van Campenhout -

"Uncompromising quality. Our machines operate at a very high degree of precision and our operators give their all to ensure perfect finishes. The materials we select are also of high quality. We always prioritize the quality and durability of materials."

Ferdinand Van Campenhout -



Our founding values

Creativity in service of uniqueness.
If we can make your projects unique, it's because we are first and foremost creative and innovative. We are all inherently creative, which allows us to find uniqueness in each of your projects.
Uncompromising quality.
We use the most innovative techniques and best machines available on the market. We are uncompromising on the quality and durability of the materials we select.
You and us. But mostly you.
You are our primary source of inspiration. We exchange ideas with you throughout the entire process of brainstorming and production. We value communication and human relationships. We believe that this plays a crucial role in the success.

Inner circle

Our team
Ferdinand Van Campenhout
Project Manager
Samy Belabes
Graphic designer and Laser operator
Marie Benoist
Print operator
Quentin Lagache
Carpenter and CNC operator
Anthonin Gondry
Carpenter and CNC operator
Baptiste Burton
Clémence Peyroche d'Arnaud
Haydée Romano Vieira
Matthieu Chartier
Anne Dumouchel de Premare
Mohammed Dadi